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Where do I access Auto-Rickshaw server?

Auto-Rickshaw server is freely accessible to users at academic institution at http://www.embl-hamburg.de/Auto-Rickshaw/ which have the necessary software licences.

Do I need to register to access the Auto-Rickshaw server?

Yes, online registration is required. If the server finds domain of your email address for the first time, you will be directed to the registration page. After registration, your email domain will be recognised by the server and it will bring you to the Auto-Rickshaw job submission page. Registration is connected to your institute and is valid for a year.

Where do I report bugs and make suggestions?

Email at panjikar AT embl-hamburg.de

If I manage to solve my structure using Auto-Rickshaw, what paper should I cite?

Along with Auto-Rickshaw paper [Panjikar et al., 2005 and Panjikar etal., 2009], please cite all software used in your structure determination process. This is indicated at the result page.

What input parameters are required?

Required input parameters are: number of residues in a monomer, number of expected heavy atoms per monomer, number of monomer(s) in asymmetric unit, space group and your email address .

What X-ray data are required?

Auto-Rickshaw requires processed and scaled data in the scalepack, mtz or XDS format. For experimental phasing it requires anomalous data. The intensity file must contain I+ SIGI+ I- SIGI- .

What format of protein sequence is required?

Auto-Rickshaw requires fasta format .

Which web browser is used for job submission?

Any web browser can be used for Auto-Rickshaw job submission, however progress of the job submission can be best viewed in Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari

How I can access results?

Auto-Rickshaw provides a tar file upon successfull structure determination. It contains the necessary files sufficent to evaluate and use the derived information.

Last Edited: 08.09.2009 by Santosh Panjikar