Europe’s future research infrastructure for imaging launches its 1st open call for nodes


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Left: Close-up of a laser microscope -light sheet fluorescence.
Top right: Mouse cell dividing to produce 2 germ-line cells (meiosis), visualised with a confocal microscope - blue: chromosomes; green: microtubules (cell’s skeleton); red: chromosome-microtubule attachment sites.
Bottom right: Image of human hands obtained by fusing X-ray and optical imaging.
Credit: Left: EMBL/Malte Wachsmuth; Top right: EMBL/Tomoya Kitajima; Bottom right: European Society of Radiology


In a nutshell:

  • The Euro-BioImaging project invites leading European imaging facilities to submit proposals to participate

  • Proposals can be submitted until 30 April 2013

  • Euro-BioImaging aims to provide open access to advanced imaging technology for all European life scientists.


Euro-BioImaging, the pan-European open access research infrastructure for biological and medical imaging technologies, invites leading European imaging facilities to submit proposals to participate. Applications to become a Euro-BioImaging node will be reviewed by a board of independent international experts. Successful facilities will be able to upgrade their capacity in order to attract and serve transnational users, with funding secured from agencies in the node’s host country, together with the facility itself and Euro-BioImaging.

Cutting-edge and innovative imaging technologies are revolutionising the life sciences. Recent developments enable scientists to visualise and thereby better understand the processes that govern life and disease in cells and organisms. However, European life scientists often lack access to innovative imaging technologies and this can slow down scientific discoveries. Euro-BioImaging aims to fill this gap by creating a network of geographically distributed but strongly interlinked imaging facilities. Euro-BioImaging Nodes will provide open access to advanced imaging technology for all European life scientists.

“Access to cutting-edge imaging technologies is a growing challenge for European scientists even though they are ready to travel long distances to carry out experiments with the best technology,” explains Jan Ellenberg, scientific coordinator of the project at EMBL. “Euro-BioImaging will provide access to the latest equipment, at a reasonable cost and distance. This will be a unique advantage for the European life science community – it will foster many new discoveries in biology and medicine, and drive innovation of imaging technology.“

Shaping the future with a well-prepared plan
Euro-BioImaging’s preparatory phase is funded by the EU and coordinated by EMBL in Heidelberg. Since 2010, the 39 Euro-BioImaging partners from 15 different European countries have prepared the technological, legal and governmental framework to construct this new European research infrastructure. The project is now in the last year of the planning phase: this 1st call for nodes – open until 30 April 2013 – is the basis to start construction.

Changing Europe’s imaging technology landscape
During its first two years, Euro-BioImaging has already had a significant impact on the European imaging infrastructure landscape:
- Euro-BioImaging has driven the establishment of national imaging communities in 20 European countries. Twelve of these made imaging infrastructure a national priority.
- In 2012, Euro-BioImaging performed a successful test-run of the future infrastructure, proving that open access to the latest imaging technologies could lead to new discoveries in more than 100 European research projects.
- The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board brings together, for the first time, more than 50 leading companies in the field of imaging technologies to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in developing and producing cutting-edge imaging technologies.
- Euro-BioImaging has established international partnerships with the Australian and Indian national imaging infrastructure organisations, globally promoting the concept of open access to imaging technology.

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