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Remote access to beamline P12

The automated sample changer allows for unattended/remote measurements. Remote control is offered to the experienced users since summer 2009. For remote operation, all samples must be fully prepared, without the necessity of dilutions or additions.

To access P12 from your home or office:
  • get a username and password from your P12 local contact;
  • download the NoMachine client (free) and install it on your favourite operating system;
  • create a session by clicking "Add a computer" icon:
    • Protocol: SSH
    • Host: remote.embl-hamburg.de
    • Port: 22
    • Advanced: Use the NoMachine login
  • sign in with your username and password;
  • click <New virtual desktop or custom session>;
  • click Create a new GNOME virtual desktop;
  • start Applications > Science > P12 Experiment Control.
Please do not forget to log out (under System) after using the remote access.


Web interface

It is possible to check the P12 status from your web browser. Authentication required

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