We are currently constructing a second endstation on beamline P14 to enable time-resolved crystallographic experiments:

P14+P14_2 Experimental Hutch

Drawing courtesy of Stefan Fiedler, EMBL Hamburg.

The project is realized as a collaboration with Prof. Arwen Pearson (University of Hamburg) funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education, BMBF.

Starting at the current P14 sample position, the beam will be transported to the second endstation through an evacuated tube, that can be rapidly installed. The second endstation will be placed on a large experimental table behind a chopper. On the experimental table, a transfocator will allow flexible focusing of the beam. Most of the surface of the experimental table will be available for flexible installation of set ups for time-resolved crystallography including chips, micro-fluidic systems etc. First experiments are planned for early 2018.