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Practical Course

Training in methods for Macromolecular Crystallography

M2M-5: From Measurement to Model

The course will take place at the EMBL Hamburg Outstation on the DESY synchrotron site in Hamburg from:

Wednesday November 9th - Wednesday November 16th, 2005.

The course will include beamline practicals, computational tutorials and/or lectures on :
  • beamline hardware
  • crystal handling
  • carrying out a data collection experiment
  • data processing
  • substructure solution
  • phasing and phase improvement
  • model building and refinement
There will also be lectures on synchrotron radiation, detectors, data collection strategy, radiation damage, density modification, use of maximum likelihood and software pipelines for structure determination.

The workshop's booklet can be downloaded when available (in pdf format)

There will be a registration fee of 250 Euro to be paid upon arrival.

Applications will be accepted via the web based interface only, the deadline for applications is
24 September 2005

The number of places is restricted to 20.
Funds are available to support travel and accomodation for attendees from the EU member and associated states.