Laseromix is a R&D project bringing together experts from EMBL, University Osnabrück and Moscow - including Moscow State University and Kurchatov center - to develop methods to exploit the remarkable potential for measuring 3D structures and dynamics of single bioparticles using Free Electron Lasers. Laseromix will standardise protocols for sample preparation, invent novel sample delivery methods consuming very low amounts of sample and most prominently will develop software tools to process the XFEL data and enable their biological interpretation.

The Laseromix project is coordinated by Victor Lamzin - EMBL-Hamburg (German side) and Natalia Novikova - National Research Center Kurchatov Moscow (Russian side)

Institutes collaborating in Laseromix

The Laseromix Project is co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Project Number: 05K12YE2) and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.