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Crystal Recognition

XREC Copyright 2006-2010
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Authors: Sudhir Babu Pothineni, Tilo Strutz, David Watts and Victor S. Lamzin

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XREC is a software suite for automated crystal recognition. It has two distinct modules, XREC for crystal centring on a beamline goniostat and FREC, for fluorescence-based analysis of crystallisation conditions.

XREC - Automated crystal centering

XREC processes a series of images, which display different orientations of a crystal flash-cooled in a loop. The software uses a number of different algorithms that are automatically combined to determine the crystal centre and provides the estimate of accuracy of the results. Please refer to the XREC Manual for details.

  • Pothineni SB, Strutz T & Lamzin VS (2006) Automated detection and centring of cryo-colled protein crystals. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 62, 1358-1368. Abstract

    XREC has been designed to give accurate results regardless of the imaging conditions or type of loop used. To date XREC has been tested on a dataset of several hundred images from 5 different laboratories including images of crystals in nylon loops, LithoLoops© and MicroMounts©.

    We keep extending this database and therefore ask the user community to share their crystal images and configuration data files with us, so that we are able to keep improving the performance of XREC. Please contact David Watts to submit images for inclusion in the database.

    XREC crystal centering results on a 453 crystal image sequence test database

    FREC - Fluorescence based crystallisation plate analysis software

    FREC software has been designed for automated image analysis of crystallization experiments using fluorescence from trace amounts of a nonspecific dye. The fluorescence images obtained strongly contrast protein crystals against other phenomena, such as precipitation and phase separation. FREC is able to quantitatively evaluate the crystallization outcome based on a biophysical metric correlated with voxel protein concentration.

  • Watts D, Müller-Dieckmann J, Tsakanova G, Lamzin VS & Groves MR (2010). Quantitative evaluation of macromolecular crystallization experiments using 1,8-ANS Fluorescence, Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, 2010, Volume D66, pages 901-908 download paper

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    XREC 3.1 license and download
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    The FREC Windows executable is available for download as part of the XREC distribution.

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    This work was supported in part by the BIOXHIT project
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