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The following services are available for registered users:

DAMMIN - ab initio shape determination by simulated annealing using a bead model
DAMMIF - rapid ab initio bead model shape determination
GASBOR - ab initio reconstruction of protein structure by a chain-like ensemble of dummy residues
MONSA - multiphase ab initio modelling
AMBIMETER - ambiguity estimate of 3D reconstruction from a SAXS profile

CRYSOL - evaluation of X-ray solution scattering curves from atomic models
CRYSON - evaluation of neutron solution scattering curves from atomic models
CORAL - modelling of complexes made by multidomain proteins
SASREF - modelling of multisubunit complexes from contrast variation and X-ray data
Utility for generation of a contact conditions file to be used in SASREF 6.0 offline
SREFLEX - flexible refinement of high-resolution models based on SAXS and normal mode analysis

OLIGOMER - Mixture analysis in terms of volume fractions of the components

EOM - Ensemble Optimisation Method (for flexible proteins)

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