DESY Beamline


Key dates

  • 1974: EMBL Hamburg outstation is established on the DESY site
  • 2004: DESY and EMBL formalised their interdisciplinary partnership.
  • 2009: PETRA-III synchrotron went into operation.
  • 2010: First EMBL-operated beamline, for small angle X-ray scattering, made available.
  • 2011: First data collections on EMBL@PETRAIII beamline for protein crystallography.

Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB)

The CSSB complements the infrastructures on the DESY campus with top-notch research activities in structural biology, systems biology and infection biology. It provides privileged access to on-campus synchrotron and free electron laser facilities, alongside state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy. The CSSB is supported by nine member research organisations, including EMBL, and will host highly interconnected research groups, with opportunities for visiting groups and scientists in the Centre’s ‘research hotel’.