How to transfer your iNEXT proposal to the EMBL user portal

In order to complete the A Form for your iNEXT approved experiment, the main proposer of your project must first submit a proposal via the EMBL user portal. This proposal will be linked to your iNEXT proposal.

To submit the proposal, please log on to the user portal, go to Proposals/Experiments > Proposals, and then click on the tab New Proposal before following the instructions below.

1.    Select the appropriate proposal type:
If you are requesting MX beamtime, select EMBL MX Proposal.
If you are requesting SAXS beamtime, select EMBL iNEXT SAXS proposal.
Please note: if you are requesting beamtime for both MX and SAXS, you must submit two separate proposals.

2.    Enter the proposal information and link the proposal to iNEXT:
All required fields must be completed before you can submit the proposal. A significant amount of information will be automatically imported when you link your proposal with the iNEXT system.

How to link the proposal to iNEXT: under the tab General Information, make sure you have selected Yes in response to the question “This proposal was approved by iNEXT?”. Afterwards, please click on the button Import proposal from iNEXT - you will be redirected to the authentication page on the iNEXT website.

inext login

Log in using the iNEXT credentials you used to submit the iNEXT proposal, and then click on the button Allow access.

allow access

After allowing access to your iNEXT proposals, you will be redirected back to the EMBL user portal where you will be able to choose the iNEXT proposal you wish to connect to. Once the correct proposal has been selected, click on the button Select iNEXT proposal.

Your iNEXT proposal information will then be imported and converted into a PDF attached to your EMBL proposal (Experiment method form) and the proposal will be finally linked to iNEXT. Some fields may still need to be completed manually by the main proposer.

3. Add details of your samples and validate the proposal:

To add samples, please complete the Sample Information and Safety Sheet which can be accessed via the button in the lower right corner of the Proposals in progress table. For each sample, you will need to enter the following: Description of the sample / Handling and Equipment / Experiment Data.

Once you have added your samples, click on the Validate button to submit your proposal to EMBL. You will receive a confirmation email when the proposal has been successfully validated.