EMBL beamlines at the PETRA storage ring (DESY)

EMBL Hamburg operates an integrated infrastructure for life science applications using synchrotron radiation. The facilities are situated at the PETRA storage ring, operated by Helmholtz Research Centre DESY in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The ring is a dedicated low emittance synchrotron radiation facility with leading optical parameters, named PETRA III.

EMBL is responsible for maintaining and operating three undulator beamlines of which two are dedicated to macromolecular X-ray crystallography and one to small angle X-ray scattering applications of biological material. These beamlines are integrated into advanced facilities for biological sample preparation, characterisation and crystallisation as well as for X-ray data processing and evaluation.

Access to the beamlines is evaluated and prioritised based on scientific criteria. The project is open for specific partnerships with other academic organisations and industrial enterprises. Our fully automated platform for the high-throughput crystallisation of biological macromolecules is also available to the general user community.

Sample preparation and characterisation

The Sample Preparation and Characterisation (SPC) facility supports users on the beamline, and in addition offers expertise to check and improve the samples that are submitted to the crystallisation facility and the SAXS beamlines.

Computational facilities and software

EMBL Hamburg offers a variety of computational services. These include facilities for remote computing on the EMBL Hamburg computer cluster and software packages developed at EMBL Hamburg for downloading.