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Validation of biomacromolecular structures – lessons learned from X-ray crystallography

Gerard Kleywegt

Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), EMBL-EBI, UK

In the past two decades, many methods have been developed for validating crystallographic models of biomacromolecules. We now have a good idea of how such models should be validated, what the relative merits of various statistics and checks are, and what they tell us about any given model and its ability to explain the experimental data. In my talk, I will explain why validation is important (for X-ray and other methods), what validation should entail, and how it can be carried out in practice.

GJ Kleywegt (2009) On vital aid: the why, what and how of validation. Acta Crystallographica, D65, 134-139.
GJ Kleywegt (2000) Validation of protein crystal structures (Topical review). Acta Crystallographica, D56, 249-265.
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Date/time: Sunday, 31 October 2010, 11:00

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