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Modelling of multidomain protein complexes against multiple data sets

Version 1.1 © ATSAS team 2010-2013

Written by M.V. Petoukhov1 & D.I. Svergun1
1European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation
Notkestr. 85, Geb. 25a
22607 Hamburg

Rigid body modelling multidomain protein complexes against multiple scattering curves. Symmetry/contacts can be taken into account. Linkers are represented as interconnected dummy residues chains attached to the approriate Ca atoms in rigid domains. Models with overlaps and disconnected models are penalized. The program combines approaches implemented in SASREF and BUNCH.

If you use CORAL in your work, please cite:
Petoukhov, M.V., Franke, D., Shkumatov, A.V., Tria, G., Kikhney, A.G., Gajda, M., Gorba, C., Mertens, H.D.T., Konarev, P.V. and Svergun, D.I. (2012) New developments in the ATSAS program package for small-angle scattering data analysis. J. Appl. Cryst. 45, 342-350 © International Union of Crystallography

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