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Small Angle Scattering

EMBO Practical Course on

Solution Scattering from Biological Macromolecules

October 25 - November 1, 2010
European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg outstation

The course aims at young biochemists/biophysicists and researchers active in related structural methods with little or no experience in solution scattering. The course will cover basics of SAXS/SANS, instrumentation, data collection, modelling techniques and complementary use with other methods.

Organisers: Dmitri Svergun, Manfred Roessle, Maxim Petoukhov, Peter Konarev, Daniel Franke, Al Kikhney.
Tentative programme


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Abstracts of the talks and slides in PDF

  Introduction (1MB) - Dmitri Svergun
Abstract Scattering of X-rays (2MB) - Patrice Vachette
Abstract Scattering of neutrons (3MB) - Regine Willumeit
Abstract Data recording, reduction and processing (6MB) - Manfred Roessle
  Data reduction and processing tutorial (3MB) - Peter Konarev
Abstract Ab initio methods: how/why do they work (4MB) - Dmitri Svergun
  Ab initio modelling tutorial: DAMMIN and DAMMIF (2MB) - Daniel Franke
  Ab initio modelling tutorial: DAMCLUST, GASBOR (1MB) - Maxim Petoukhov
Abstract Sample preparation and shape determination (1MB) - Katherine Brown
Abstract Rigid body refinement (basics) (2MB) - Dmitri Svergun
  Rigid body refinement tutorial: MASSHA (5MB) - Peter Konarev
  Rigid body refinement tutorial: SASREF, BUNCH, CORAL (1MB) - Maxim Petoukhov
Abstract Rigid body modelling: applications to proteins (12MB) - Katherine Brown
Abstract Form & structure factors (3MB) - Jan Skov Pedersen
  Analysis of mixtures tutorial (25MB) - Peter Konarev
Abstract Flexible systems (PPT, 35MB) - Pau Bernado
Abstract WAXS (4MB) - Lee Makowski
Abstract SAXS and SANS (10MB) - Jill Trewhella
Abstract Sample preparation and characterization (2MB) - Rob Meijers
Abstract Fibrillation of proteins (7MB) - Bente Vestergaard
Abstract Time resolved bioSAXS (15MB) - Naoto Yagi
Abstract Validation of biomacromolecular structures (7MB) - Gerard Kleywegt

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