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Beamline P12

BioSAXS beamline P12
P12 is an undulator beamline at the Petra III storage ring.
If you publish data that was collected at P12 please cite:

Blanchet, C.E., Spilotros, A., Schwemmer, F., Graewert, M.A., Kikhney, A.G., Jeffries, C.M., Franke, D., Mark, D., Zengerle, R., Cipriani, F., Fiedler, S., Roessle, M. and Svergun, D.I (2015)
Versatile sample environments and automation for biological solution X-ray scattering experiments at the P12 beamline (PETRA III, DESY) J. Appl. Cryst. 48(2) © International Union of Crystallography DOI

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