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Small Angle Scattering


Manipulations with experimental 1D small-angle scattering data

Version 3.1 © ATSAS team 2003-2012

Written by P.V. Konarev, A.G. Kikhney, A.V. Sokolova, D.I. Svergun1 & V.V. Volkov2
1European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation
Notkestr. 85, Geb. 25a
22607 Hamburg
2Institute of Crystallography
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninsky pr. 59
119333 Moscow

Program PRIMUS perfoms the manipulations with experimental small-angle scattering data files such as: averaging, subtraction, merging, extrapolation to zero concentration and curve fitting and evaluates the integral parameters from Guinier and Porod plots such as radius of gyration (for globular, flat and rod-type particles), Porod's volume, zero intensity and molecular weight. PRIMUS is compiled using Intel Fortran v.11.0 with QuickWin graphics library and runs under MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista or under Windows emulators (like WINE) installed on Linux/MAC.

If you use PRIMUS in your work, please cite:
P.V.Konarev, V.V.Volkov, A.V.Sokolova, M.H.J.Koch and D. I. Svergun (2003). PRIMUS - a Windows-PC based system for small-angle scattering data analysis. J Appl Cryst. 36, 1277-1282.

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