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Following the process of ubiquitin conjugation and deconjugation in DNA regulation

Titia K. Sixma

Division of Biochemistry, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DNA repair processes are intricately regulated. Ubiquitin conjugation processes have emerged as a critical signalling system that is essential for many different processes in the cell. The attachment of this 76 amino-acid protein changes the target fate, resulting in relocalization or degradation by the proteasome. We are interested in the regulation of ubiquitin conjugation and deconjugation processes, studying how the enzyme reactions involved are regulated. SAXS analysis has given insights into conformational states in conjugating and deconjugating enzymes as well as the ubiquitinated target. Together with structural biology and biochemical analysis this has helped us gain new insights in these essential processes.

Date/time: Monday, 22 October 2012, 11:30

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