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Modelling of atomic structures and shape analysis

Version 2.3 © ATSAS team 2003

Written by P.V. Konarev, M.V. Petoukhov, D.I. Svergun1 & V.V. Volkov2
1European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Outstation
Notkestr. 85, Geb. 25a
22607 Hamburg
2Institute of Crystallography
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninsky pr. 59
119333 Moscow

MASSHA is a 3D graphic system to display and manipulate atomic structures and low resolution models. The program is coupled with computational modules to allow interactive and automated rigid body refinement against solution scattering data. MASSHA is compiled using Compaq Visual Fortran v. 6.6B with QuickWin graphics library and runs only under MS Windows.

If you use MASSHA in your work, please cite:
P.V.Konarev, M.V.Petoukhov and D. I. Svergun (2001). MASSHA - a graphic system for rigid body modelling of macromolecular complexes against solution scattering data. J Appl Cryst. 34, 527-532.

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